Nominations for IBM Champions are now open!

The nominations for IBM Champions for 2015 is now open. If there is someone in the ICS (IBM Collaborative Solutions) community whom you want to show appreciation for their work, go here and nominate him or her. You can only nominate non-IBMers.


So who is deserving to be an IBM Champion? Well, you can see the a list of qualifications here. It could be people helping out on Stack Overflow or in the developerWorks forums, or people evangilizing ICS products and solutions by speaking at conferences or sharing their knowledge through blogs, videos or other means. If someone in the community have been helping you in the past, consider thanking them by submitting a nomination, if you think they match the qualifications. You can see the list of current champions here.

Remember, existing Champions don’t get renewed automatically, they need to be nominated again. You don’t have to fill out all the information on the submission form. Fill out as much as you can, better an incomplete nomination than none at all! Nominations close on September 17 at 5pm Eastern time. So get yrou nominations in before that.



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