Nokia is dead

Microsoft is taking a page out of IBM’s playbook and is killing off the Nokia brand. Future models of the smart phones in the Lumia series will be named Microsoft Lumia. Last month the Nokia Lumia 735 and 830 were launched, and they will probably be the last phones branded as Nokia.

The mobile division of Nokia will also be renamed to Microsoft Mobile.

More at The Verge.

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    That is not 100 % correct, because the company Nokia still exists. Nokia is still big a big producer of equipment for mobile carriers and produces the Here Maps for Microsoft Lumia and IOS and in future Android. Maybe Nokia will produce new mobile devices in the future.

    1. Karl-Henry Martinsson

      You are correct, but the brand Nokia for mobile phones is dead.
      Their map products will (as you say) still be produced under the Nokia brand.
      I doubt Nokia will be allowed to produce mobile phones in the future, as that whole part of the company was sold off to Microsoft, and I am convinced there was a no-compete clause in that contract, to prevent Nokia from starting to make phones again.

      1. Vitor Pereira

        Well that doesn’t make Nokia (the company or the brand dead). It is a lot more than the former mobile division (“here” is a tiny part of their business).

  2. Ralf M Petter

    Nokia can use his brand name for mobile devices starting with 2016 again according to the microsoft deal. This is a bit more then a year from now. So we will see if Nokia trys a comeback in the mobile area maybe with an android handset.

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