No Connect/Lotusphere for me this year…

I just got word from my boss that I will not be able to go to Connect 2013 in Orlando. This is due to financial reasons, the company is trying to save money anywhere they can. Even as the conference would only cost them $3,200 (I found a really good airfare and got offers to share a room), it was not approved (not even after I offered to pay part of the cost myself).

This will be the first time since I started going in 1998 that I won’t be in Orlando to learn new things, network and meet all my friends in the Yellowverse. This would actually have been my 17th Lotusphere (I also attended Lotusphere Europe in 1996). I am of course very disappointed, but it happens. I hope to be able to go next year, and possibly attend IamLUG or some other conference later this year.

I will be following the event through twitter and Facebook, and hopefully there will be some videos uploaded during/after the conference. Have a beer for me, and enjoy the conference. And keep the blog posts and twitter messages coming!

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