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For many years, I have enjoyed cooking and baking. One reason could be because I like good food. But it is also logical, similar to programming. You have instructions you follow, but you can still modify them, as long as you know how different ingredients react with each other and with heat, liquids, etc. Cooking is a combination of programming, chemistry and physics. Perfect for a geek!

I often get questions about how I made a particular dish. Many of the recipes have been published on my blog, but I thought it would be easier if I simply collected them all in one place on my website. I have tried to convert all measurements to US imperial, most of them are originally using the metric system.

I plan to add more dishes here soon, so keep checking back!



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  1. Ray Bilyk

    Where are the Ikea Swedish Meatballs? (I’m so sorry… I just had to do it…)
    Thanks for doing this… Bookmarking now!!

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