Microsoft skipping Windows 9 – jumps to Windows 10

Microsoft unveiled the next version of Windows at a press event in San Francisco today. Surprisingly the successor to Windows 8 and 8.1 will not be called Windows 9 as everyone expected. Instead Microsoft jumps straight to Windows 10.

One reason for this, according to Microsoft, is that the new operating system is such a big leap from Windows 8 that they want to mark that by increasing the version two steps.  Among the changes Microsoft listed were a removal of the tiled Metro user interface, which have been receiving heavy critisism.

Windows 10 will combine the familiarity and functionality of Windows 7 with some elements of Windows 8. Microsoft admitted that they did not get Windows 8 right, but they think that they will get it right with Windows 10. The key is that the new version of Windows can identofy the device and chnage the interface mode. This mean sthat the software will know if a user is on a Surface tablet or a laptop and adjust accordingly to the hardware present.

Oh, and the start menu is back.

The new Widnows 10 start meny. Source: The Verge
Windows 10 start meny. Source: The Verge

Microsoft did not elaborate on Windows Phone 10, more than it will not have a desktop. There is also no release date announced for Windows 10, but it is expected to be in the end of 2015.

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