Lotusphere, here I come!

I just got everything finalized for Lotusphere 2011. I managed to find a $155 roundtrip fare on AirTran from Dallas to Orlando, and I got a room booked at Dolphin.

IdoCheckin is back for the 3rd year, and as some of you in the community already may have noticed, I have been adding people on FourSquare and Google Latitude (where I am texasswede@gmail.com) during the last few days. Add me if you like. I will try to check in frequently during Lotusphere if anyone want to meet up.


So what’s left to do? Well, the most important thing: planning! The first thing I did was to download Ben LanghinrichsLotusphere Session Database. You haven’t downloaded it yet? Then go do it. I also went and ranked some of the sessions here.

This year I will focus on Xpages. As I mentioned previously, we are just now finished upgrading our users from Notes 5 to Notes 7. Most of them still got the Notes 5 mail template, though. But the IT Operations Manager have mentioned that he plan to get us on 8.5.2 soon. I am hoping for sometime before next summer. So I can see a possible use for Xpages at my current workplace, especially after the issues Sean Cull wrote about have been addressed.

There are a number of interesting sessions about Xpages, but I will also attend some sessions about user interface design (something I am very interested in) and of course harass the poor developers in the labs.


I am of course also excited about seeing so many of the people I consider friends, even if I know that several long-time Lotusphere visitors will not be there. I will be flying in Saturday morning, so I can attend BALD (Bloggers Annual Lotusphere Dinner) that afternoon at Big River Brewhouse. Of course you do not need to be a blogger to attend. That’s the beauty of the Lotus community, everyone is welcome.

If this is your first Lotusphere, don’t miss Andy’s Guide to Lotusphere.


See you in Orlando!


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