Lotusphere 2010 – Yes, I will be there!

I am lucky enough to be able to go to Lotusphere again. This will be my 13th time inOrlando. I also went to LS97 in Nice.
This year I will be arriving to MCO on Saturday at 9:40am, and leaving Friday at 1:55pm. If anyone is interesting in sharing a cab, let me know. @TexasSwede on Twitter or texasswede@gmail.com. I am flying AA 1434 from DFW, anyone else on that flight?
Also, if there are any Swedish readers of this, I have a favour to ask… Could someone bring a few items that are hard/impossible to find here?Just let me know how much it is and I bring cash. What I am looking for is 2 or 3 of the larger (double) packs of Vasa Frukost (900g?) and 2 or 3 tubes of Kalles Guld. The regular Kalles Kaviar can be found at IKEA here in the US, but not the premium Guld. Let me know if you can do this, I would appreciate it!
For anyone not familiar with Kalles, it is the most sold brand of caviar in Sweden. It is made from salted and smoked cod roe and comes in a metal tube. You squeeze it out on bread (for breakfast) or on hard boiled eggs. A piece of bread with a sliced egg and some caviar on top is a delicious and helathy way to start the day!


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