Lotus Notes – Not dead here either!

Greyhawk68 just blogged about how Lotus is not dead at his employer. I just have to echo that. As late as yesterday the CIO and I were attending a meeting where the marketing department was discussing a way to track customer visits. The CEO was also there, and after a short discussion within the marketing group, he took command of the discussion. He explained that he in a previous position been creating some simple Notes databases, and that Notes would be the perfect vehicle for the kind of database he envisioned the marketing department needing. There were not much discussions after that, i think everyone realized that the CEO was right and knew what he talked about.

There had earlier been discussions about using a off-the-shelf program like Goldmine or ACT!, but the question is if the cost (in time) to customize one of those products is much less than the time spent to develop a tool in Notes perfectly suited for our users. Just like Greyhawk68, we use the best tool for each project, but in surprisingly many cases Notes and Domino is actually the best one.




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