IBM Connect 2016 announced – in Orlando!

IBM just published information about the future of the conference known as Lotusphere/IBM Connect/IBM ConnectED. To the contrary of what probably everyone thought, the conference will be back in Orlando in January 2016, reverting back to the name IBM Connect.

It’s long run at Walt Disney Dolphin and Swan (affectionate known as Swolphin) will however be over. In 2016 the conference will take place at The Hilton Orlando, between January 31 and February 3. So the length of the conference will be the same as IBM ConnectED earlier this year.

The rate (on the hotel website) is currently $219/night plus a $22/night resort fee (which includes free in-room wifi). A bit less expensive than Dolphin and Swan.

I hope to see a lot of my old friends (and make some new ones) in a little over 7 months.

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  1. Chris Byrne

    I stayed there for around $40 a night for Lotusphere 2003 through priceline.

  2. Ray Bilyk

    Try booking a room for the conference dates and watch that price shoot up! (See you there anyway…) #OneMoreTime

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