Google Drive released

Google's cloud storage product Google Drive has now been announced. I am however still on a waiting list, as it seems like Google is adding users little by little, so I have not been able to test it yet.

Google Drive is a service similar to Dropbox. You get 5GB storage for free, and additional 25GB for $2.49/month. Clients are available for Mac, PC and Android phones, and a version for iPad/iPhone is coming, according to Google. The service let you access your documents from different devices and on different platforms. You are also able to share files with friends, family and other people. Google Docs is integrated with Google Drive, allowing different users to edit documents.

It will be interesting to see what differentiate Google Drive from Dropbox, and other similar services that already exists. The cost for additional storage is much lower than the competing products, Dropbox give you 2GB free and charge $9.99 for 50GB storage. give you 5GB free and charge $9.99 for 25GB storage.


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