Gone fishing. Or rather gone scuba diving.

I am currently away for a little over a week, taking a vacation in Curaçao. This next week I am planning some relaxing scuba diving, but for now we are just exploring the beautiful capital Willemstad.
So don’t expect any technical writing for a little bit. See you in December.




Superior Producer 001

Superior Producer 003

Superior Producer 002

Superior Producer 004

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  1. Jason

    Enjoy yourself, particularly the diving! Have you got a Waterproof GoPro?

    1. Karl-Henry Martinsson

      Yes, they are all waterproof these days. They come with a standard waterproof housing rated for 40m/130ft.
      I also got the LCD Touch BackPac, you can use that one (with a special door for the housing) down to 3ft/1m and still use the touch functions. If you go deeper, you must use the regular waterproof door, and you don’t have the touch function,

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