Fort Worth Airshow 2012

While going to the 2012 Ft Worth Airshow two weekends ago, I took a few pictures. Like a little over 2000… 🙂 I have processed a few of them, and wanted to show a few HDR pictures I took. The day of the airshow was cloudy and windy, so the sky was fairly gray, and it was a bit dark as well. Perfect conditions to test some more HDR…

A Soviet era Mi-24 Hind.
Here I played a little bit more with the picture…

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  1. Christian Tillmanns

    Did you put a King Air cockpit on that beautiful Beech 18 (or is it a Lookheed)? And the wall in the background.
    Is the Mi-24 airworthy?

  2. Karl-Henry Martinsson

    It is a Beach 18, if I remember correctly, but I don’t know what they did with the nose, if the lights are something they added or if it is original on some models.

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