Former Outlook User Who Loves Notes

The other week we had a new executive start at my work. I stopped by her office today and offered to help her with Notes if she had any problems. I asked if she had used Notes before, and she said no, she came from an Outlook shop. So I asked her what she thought about Notes this far.

She told me that the mail experience was very close to Outlook, with sortable columns, etc. She als told me that she really like the action buttons with dropdowns for reply, etc. The fact that different windows are available in different tabs was another thing she liked.

She then switched over to the workspace and told me how she loved it, and how it was much better than Outlook, easy to find things, etc. I then quickly showed her how she can name the different tabs, change color and organize her icons. She was very impressed, and liked that.

For the last week or so, she have been meeting with different departments, and yesterday she got to meet with IT. We went through the different applications we have, and we explained how the different Notes applications are tied together with each other, as well as with several other systems. This is something else she is very impressed about, and she told me that that level of integration was something she had not seen at her previous workplace.

She is very impressed with Lotus Notes, and she is still just running 8.5.2 Basic version…


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