Domino Designer Frustrations

I have a database template (I am still on Notes 7.0.3, so I will keep using "database" for now), containing a number of forms, views, script libraries and agents. A whole lot of them, actually. Over the years I found out that occasionally I have to use the recompile all function to get changes in script libraries to be recognized.

This is the result:


Well, I open the forms (these are all forms) and save them again. No error/warning.
I make some small changes to the code. No error/warning.
I change the order the script libraries are loaded. No error/warning.
I open the script libraries, make a small change and save them again. No error/warning.

Finally I open the database using Domino Designer 8.5.2, perform yet another recompile all, and I now see five (5) warnings/errors at the bottom. I still am not able to locate the actual error, Domino Designer 8.5.2 is not giving me enough to work on.

So either I am very stupid, or there is something buggy with the recompile all function in Domino Designer… Anyone can shed any light on what might be going on? I am sure it is related to the script libraries, some of them contain references to other script libraries in turn.


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