Connect 2014 – 3 days left until I leave for Orlando

Wednesday morning. In exactly 3 days I will arrive in Orlando, after a short flight from Dallas. My preparations for the trip are almost done, I just have to charge up some batteries for cameras, dig out some spare USB cables and purchase a few last-minute items.

So what is it that is so exciting about Lotusphere (now Connect)? How do you explain it to someone who never been there? In the past, several members of the community have brought their significant other to Orlando, at least for a few days in the beginning or end, so they could get an idea what it all is about. But how do you express it in words?

Play the game!
To me, Lotusphere is a family reunion. I meet people I haven’t seen in a year, or in some cases in several years. At work I am the only developer working with the ICS stack (Notes/Domino), but once a year I get to talk to other developers, exchange ideas and tips, and just “talk Lotus”. This makes me recharge and makes me enthusiastic about things I can do when I get back to the office again after the conference.

All the social event and impromptu meetings are a large part of what Lotusphere been to me for the last 7 or 8 years, when I started getting more involved in the community. I wish I would not have waited that long, I have made many good friends over the years, as the community is very welcoming of new people. So I will repeat what I already said before, go out, be social, meet people. Don’t sit in your room at night, then you miss at least half (if not more) of the Lotsuphere/Connect experience!

And don’t miss playing the game Journey to Dolphindor! Click on the game card to the right for more info.

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  1. olufsphere

    Family reunion? Yes, once you’ve built a network. The first time however, is more like “Come see the circus, and don’t be afraid to play with the clowns at night”. 😉

  2. Palmi

    Karl – looking forward to meet you in person

    1. Karl-Henry Martinsson

      Likewise! See you Saturday, I hope. By the way,beer is cheaper in orlando than on Iceland, if I understand it correct… 🙂

  3. Sharon Bellamy

    🙂 it will be great to catch up again & that lars fella is spot on – seeing you guys makes the trip so much more worth while 🙂

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