Code: Example of how to use Windows Clipboard in a Notes application

As I promised in my previous entry, I will show how to use the Windows clipboard functionality in a Notes application.

We have a knowledgebase, where information for different departments is posted. A very typical and simpel Notes application, in other words. But some users requested a simpler way to create nice doclinks, so I listened and created two buttons on the document form. 

The first button is 'Copy Link', it will simply collect information about the open document (database server, filename and path and UNID of the document. This information is then just stored in the cliboard as a delimited string.

The second button is 'Paste Link'. It will read the delimited string from the clipboard, get a handle to the document and create a nice doclink. The title of the document is also pasted into the document.

To support this functionality, you also have to create a form called 'doclink', where the only content is a RichText field called "Body". Make sure there is not even a linebreak after the field.

Below is the actual code. It requires the script library I posted earlier. Hope this can help someone.


Button 'Copy Link':

 Use "Class.Win32.ClipBoard"
Sub Click(Source As Button)    Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace    Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument    Dim clipboard As WindowsClipboard    Dim clipdata As String     Set clipboard = New WindowsClipboard()    Set uidoc = ws.CurrentDocument    clipdata="NotesData~" & ws.CurrentDatabase.Database.Server    clipdata = clipdata & "~" & ws.CurrentDatabase.Database.FilePath    clipdata = clipdata & "~" & uidoc.Document.UniversalID    clipboard.Contents = clipdata    Msgbox "Document info has been stored. You can now" & Chr$(10) & _    "use the 'Paste Link' button in IT Support db or" & Chr$(10) & _    "your mail file to create a link to this document.",,"Success"End Sub


Button 'Paste Link':

 Use "Class.Win32.ClipBoard"
Sub Click(Source As Button) ' *** Create and insert a doclink at the insertion point    Dim session As New NotesSession    Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace     Dim thisdoc As NotesUIDocument     Dim tempuidoc As NotesUIDocument    Dim db As NotesDatabase    Dim doc As NotesDocument    Dim tempdoc As NotesDocument    Dim linkdb As NotesDatabase    Dim temprt As NotesRichTextItem    Dim dbname As String    Dim servername As String    Dim unid As String    Dim clipboard As WindowsClipboard    Dim clipdata As String    Dim clipargs As Variant  ' Array to hold data from clipboard     Set thisdoc = ws.CurrentDocument    Set db = session.currentdatabase    Set clipboard = New WindowsClipboard()     clipdata = clipboard.Contents     If clipdata="" Then        Msgbox "No clipboard info found."        Exit Sub    Elseif Instr(clipdata,"NotesData~")=0 Then        Msgbox "No doclink info in clipboard."        Exit Sub    End If    clipargs = Split(clipdata,"~")     servername = clipargs(1)    dbname = clipargs(2)    unid = clipargs(3)     Set linkdb = session.GetDatabase(servername, dbname, False)    If linkdb Is Nothing Then        Msgbox "Could not find " & dbname & " on " & servername,,"Not Found"        Exit Sub    End If    Set doc = linkdb.GetDocumentByUNID(unid)    If doc Is Nothing Then        Msgbox "Could not located document.",,unid        Exit Sub    End If      ' Now the awkward bit: the only way to insert a doclink into RT that you  ' are editing is to paste it. The only way to get a pastable doclink into ' the clipboard is to copy one from an existing document so first we make ' a doclink in an RT field that links to the document.    Set tempdoc = New NotesDocument(db)     ' Form that will only contain the field with the doclink and NOTHING else.    Call tempdoc.ReplaceItemValue("Form","doclink")    Set temprt = New NotesRichTextItem(tempdoc,"body")    Call temprt.AppendText(doc.KBFull(0) & " - " & doc.Topic(0) & " ")    Call temprt.AppendDocLink(doc, doc.Topic(0))    ' This doc must be saved otherwise the display doesn't work    Call tempdoc.Save(True, False)    ' Now "display" the document so we can grab the doclink    Set tempuidoc = ws.EditDocument(False, tempdoc)     ' Select and copy the content    Call tempuidoc.SelectAll    Call tempuidoc.Copy  ' We should have the doclink inthe clipboard    ' Close and throw away the temporary document     Call tempuidoc.Close      Call tempdoc.Remove(True)      Call thisdoc.Paste   ' Paste the doclinkEnd Sub



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