API for ZIP Code Distance, Radius, and more


The other day I stumbled on a really cool website, where they offer a free API to calculate distance between two US ZIP codes, all ZIP codes in a specific radius from a given ZIP code, as well as a few other ZIP code related functions.


The results can be returned in different formats, like JSON, XML and (in some cases) CSV. Highly recommended! The URL is http://zipcodedistanceapi.redline13.com/

I am considering creating a Lotusscript class for some of these functions, so stay tuned!


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  1. Andrew Ferguson

    I set this up for my company and we are coming across “Client key could not be validated.” errors. It seems to happen on zipcodes it doesn’t know but that are completely valid. Anyone else have this problem or can explain it? Example: 11111, or 96855

    1. Karl-Henry Martinsson

      When I test it on their site, I get an error on 11111 as well. Can’t you check the JSON/XML that is being returned, and write code to handle it?

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