A long time ago…

…in a country far far away, there were a class of six graders. Their teacher was married to a theater actor, and the class set up a play pretty much every semester. One time the teacher came up with the idea of making movies instead. The class was divided into 6 groups of 4-5 students each. One of the children in the class had a father who was a documentary film maker/director, and he came in and explained a little bit about film making basics.

Most groups opted for the easy route, using one of the fairly new camcorders. This was back in 1982 or 83, so they were big and heavy, but the advantage was instant results. One group, however, were the overachivers. 🙂
They decided to make an animated (stop motion) movie about toys coming alive at night. To do that, they used Super 8 cameras so they could take one picture, move the toys, take another picture, etc. The group (or at least the three core members) spent several days and a couple of weekends making the movie, which was later shown to the parents.

I was one of the members of this group, and I got a copy of the movie transferred to VCD a couple of years ago. A couple of weeks ago, I opened the movie into Sony Vegas, removed the old handprinted titles and replaced them with new computer generated titles, as well as adding a soundtrack and a sound effect. A couple of animated sequences were slowed down a little, and a couple of live-action sequences were speeded up slightly.

Here is the result.


Update: The titles are in Swedish, just like the original. I will create a version in English. You are not missing much, it is basically some thnaks to parents and teachers, and a list of who made the movie. The text in the end of the movie says: "Hmm, I thought I picked those up last night." (select hidden text to read).


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