35 years ago in a galaxy far, far away…

May 25, 1977. Imagine it has been 35 years”…”

When the first movie (then called just "Star Wars", later renamed "Episode IV ?A New Hope") was released in Sweden, the age restriction was set to 11 years. With a parent you were allowed to see it even if you were younger. I was 8 years old, but my parents did not want to go see it.
It was not until "Episode VI ?The Return of The Jedi" was released in 1983 that I actually got to see the two first movies. They were shown back-to-back with a short break in-between, and a few days later the last movie premiered.

I had of course read the book that was released around the time the original Star Wars came out, so I was familiar with the story even before watching the movie. As a young boy, I really enjoyed the movies, and I still do. I recently watched "Episode I ?The Phantom Menace" in 3D.
I am however slightly irritated at George Lucas and how he keep changing the movies”…”



From Wikipedia:

Star Wars debuted on Wednesday, May 25, 1977, in 32 theaters, and eight more on Thursday and Friday. It immediately broke box-office records, effectively becoming one of the first blockbuster films, and Fox accelerated plans to broaden its release.
Star Wars remains one of the most financially successful films of all time. The film earned $1,554,475 through its opening weekend, eventually earning over $220 million during its initial theatrical run. Star Wars entered international release towards the end of the year, earning $410 million in total. Reissues in 1978, 1979, 1981 and 1982 brought its cumulative gross in Canada and the U.S. to $323 million, and extended its global earnings to $530 million.
Following the release of the Special Edition in 1997, Star Wars briefly reclaimed the North American record before losing it again the following year to Titanic. In total, the film has earned $775,398,007 worldwide (including $460,998,007 in North America alone). Adjusted for inflation, it has earned $2.5 billion worldwide at 2011 prices, making it the most successful franchise film of all-time; at the North American box-office it ranks second behind Gone with the Wind on the inflation-adjusted list.


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